Sun Update: Day 492

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I am trying to enjoy the British version. My last full blood counts are, I am happy to say “Indistinguishable from a perfectly healthy male'” My check-ups have dropped to 3-month periods- within 6 months I will be off the last remaining medication (penicillin) and will have my last innoculations (MMR)

Within a two-year time span it seems I have managed to contract leukaemia, undergo severe chemotherapy treatment, achieve remission, then the mother of all radiotherapy sessions, then a full bone marrow transplant, engraftment, continued remission, survived a few infections along the way, rebuilt my devastated body and immunity system. Of course I will NEVER truly escape the danger of relapse but it is as if an alien just leant over and added “+2” to my age. Have I learned anything. Well:

  • Life is short- grab it while you can
  • Take nothing for granted
  • Treatment for leukaemia makes you feel REALLY, REALLY sick
  • Not even morphine can make “Trisha” bearable.

FYB, milt x

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