December Hollow

December Hollow (M-Space trajectory)
Peter Zinovieff at his Cambridge home studio, July 2019

December Hollow is an ongoing collaborative project with the composer, engineer and EMS VCS3 (as used on Pink Floy’s Dark Side of the Moon) synthesiser pioneer Peter Zinovieff, and violinist Anne-Marie Curran-Cundy. The project is a developed realization of Zinovieff’s 1969 December Hollow ‘fold-out score’ concept. The compositional system is designed to generate electronic music and/or conventional scores by slicing through a three- dimensional topographical score (sourced from Zinovieff’s geological training) of ‘emotional zones’. I implemented this dormant 50-year old vision through the use of M-Space concepts and Max/MSP programming. The project and process is documented in the Revisiting December Hollow paper, a video presentation below, and some supporting audio-visual material.

Peter Zinovieff & Anne-Marie Curran-Cundy, Guildford Surrey

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