Pedagogical & Compositional Output

This research in time-feel is being fed back into wide pedagogical practice. Two particular outputs are:

1) Art of Timing – a series of exercises in time-feel for electric guitarists presented in notation, tablature and audio. This has been published by Future Music in the international distributed physical and digital Guitar Techniques Magazine (November 2017) and is the first known in-depth pedagogy of time-feel for the public community of guitarists.

2) Kronókosmos – an ongoing series of time-feel studies, focusing on sub-notational expression. It is aimed at a wide range of instrumentalists, particularly (but not exclusively) those who might have not engaged with this in their repertoire. It is presented in standard and a circular graphic notation. Volume I is published by Viribus Music Press, and is used with students of the Royal College of Music.

In addition to these publications, I actively communicate this research to the wider music community of performers, composers and electronic musicians. Below, for example is an hour-long interview on the Guitar Hour Podcast, a weekly music podcast interviewing top players including Steve Vai, Wayne Krantz, Jonathan Kreisberg and John Petrucci. The entire episode is dedicated to the ‘Deep Theory & Technique of Time-feel’, and an opportunity to share my research to a wide community of active musicians.

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