Hidden Music – The Composer’s Guide To Sonification

Hidden Music – The Composer’s Guide to Sonification (Mermikides 2024, Cambridge University Press) reveals the what, how and why of sonification and data music practices; and their role and potential in scientific and artistic communication.

The Sonification Continuum. Mermikides (2024)


This book explores the intersection of data sonification (the systematic translation of data into sound) and musical composition. Section 1 engages with existing discourse and offers an original model (the sonification continuum) which provides perspectives on the practice of sonification for composers, science communicators and those interested in this rapidly emerging field. Section 2 engages with the sonification process itself, exploring techniques, models of translation, data fidelity, analogic and symbolic data mapping, temporality and the listener experience. In Section 3 these concepts and techniques are all made concrete in the context of a selection of the author’s projects (2004–2023). Finally, some reasons are offered on how sonification as a practice might enrich composition, communication, collaboration, and a sense of connection.

This companion website provides additional contexts, updated material and resources and high-quality audio-visual material, to accompany the publication.

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