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Hi, Milton!

Doing my music MA over at Kingston uni, and I wondered if I might be able to pick your brains regarding a method of analysing swing-feel percentages. My ears tell me a certain piece I’m studying (Melodica – Steve Reich) swings, but I need the numbers to prove it! Beat Mapping in Logic has proved unsatisfactory.

All the best


Hi , I’m a student at UWS and I was at the Ableton live talk yesterday. I would love to have a copy of those power points you presented about rhythms and being off the grid.

Thank you.

Hey Milton,

Chis Buono here. We had articles in the March 2020 issue of GP. Actually, yours was Part II of your Holdsworth series. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed both. I’m a big fan of the old boy. Always great to a glimpse into the magic. Hope to meet up one day.

Stay safe,


Hi Milton,

The audio of your last video sleep video (stages of sleep) has a profoundly relaxing affect on me. Physically letting go of tension automatically. Feels very beneficial. I created a 40 minute loop to experience an extended session. Has anyone else remarked on this?

Thanks Ray

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