Geometudes is an ongoing series of compositions based on geometric and mathematical processes. Hundreds have now been produced from which a visualised selection is presented below. Geometudes 1-5 are created by the intersection of geometrical shapes, and rule-based assignments of pitches assigned to their corners and vertices. The rotation, velocity and trajectory of these shapes produce a range of motivic transformations and at times deeply expressive moments despite their systematic origins. Irrational Music is created by the simultaneous translation of the digits of e, φ and π into 10 musical objects. The resulting music may sound repetitive but is provably not even if played for an infinite duration. Any imaginable sequence of these objects, however long, is bound to exist at some point.

Video animations by Anna Tanczos

Geometude No 1 Triangle & Line (2015)
Geometude No 3 Hexagon & Line (2015)
Geometude No 5 Interlocking Shapes (2015)
Geometude No 2 BACH Square & Line (2015)
Geometude No 4 Lullaby for Polygons (2015)
Irrational Music (2015)

Pendulum Music is a direct sonification so fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums built by Nils Sorensen of Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations who produced the video. The changing string lengths produce a range of travelling, standing and beating waves, which are mirrored in the resulting motifs which seem to defy the imagined possibilities of a pentatonic scale.

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