Time-feel Technologies

The research in this project relies on digital technology in its objective and accurate illumination of micro-rhythmic data (‘time-feel’). This approach is integral to the academic papers in this portfolio. However, as a jazz practitioner, educator and electronic musician, it was irresistibly compelling to ‘flip’ these analytical processes in two ways:

  1. A reversing from the technological investigation of recorded performances to the real-time revelation of time-feel mechanisms, affording the opportunity for pedagogical engagement. This is explored in the Mingus metronome project (below).
  2. The use of technology in the deployment of the time-feel models in electronic music practice, both compositionally and in real-time performance (see Time Machines).

These devices (Mingus and the Time Machines suite) have been employed in the jazz guitar syllabus at the Royal College of Music, published on MetaFunction and disseminated at the Breaking 4/4 Workshops (in Glasgow and Berlin as part of the Ableton Education tour October 2017) for the electronic music community.

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