Love is in the Air

Admittedly when asked at age 8 about my aspirations, “World Air Guitar Championship Judge” wouldn’t have ranked very highly. (Astronaut, Marine Biologist, Photographer, Artist, Explorer, Dinosaur Hunter, Journalist, Ghost-Hunter and Musician made up the list If I recall)

So it was with a great sense of surrealism (and excitement) with which I arrived in the city of Oulu (“Oh, Loo”), Finland. Incidentally, Oulu is an intriguing blend of cold war austerity and cutting-edge technology (and one of the only places on earth to have reached the level of civilization to offer FREE wireless broadband internet to ALL in it’s city centre.

The 6 days that ensued would fill a book in themselves- if I could remember them that is. But in short, the melange of enormous fun, an opportunity to share my story (“Healing Power of Music” Lecture) and be heard, immense hospitality, new great friendships and surprising emotional involvement made up one of the BEST trips in my life. I am REALLY hoping that I am invited out again.

For a peak of the winning air-guitarist, together with a half-second of me giving a score (5.9!) click here Browsing the site should satisfy any air-head.

A life-enhancing experience. What did I know when I was 8 anyway?



P.s. Air Kisses to Alex Lipsitz (Director of the great movie “Air Guitar Nation”, Dan Crane aka Bj

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