Data Loop

Data Loop (2019) is a suite of Max4Live sonification designed and programmed by Milton Mermikides & Phelan Kane, and published by MetaFunction. They have been distributed to music students and attendees of the Everything is Music workshop of the Ableton Educational Tour in Glasgow. A scheduled event at Ableton Loop, Berlin in 2020 has been postponed due to Covid-19. They are presented below with details of their function and use in the portfolio.

Climate Report (2019)

Climate Report (2019) stores 140 years of NASA-sourced climate data from 1880-2020, this can be played through at any tempo, and the various streams of data (CO2, Ice Mass, and Ice Area in Greenland and Antarctica, Temperature Anomaly and Sea Level) can be assigned to any range of pitches or controller data. It was employed in the creation of Four Warnings for Piano

Asteroid Report (2019)

Asteroid Report (2019) receives real time data from the International Space Station on 15 asteroids. Information on perihelion distance inclination. eccentricity and several other data streams can be assigned to notes or controller data.

Weather Report (2019) receives real time weather information from Berlin, Tokyo, London and Pasadena, and their temperature, rainfall, humidity, ozone levels etc may be mapped to pitch, velocity and controller data.

Crypto (2019) and Crypto Sequencer (2019) translate letters in notes. They can do so using the traditional German and French cryptogram systems, (as used by J.S. Bach, Schostakovich, Ravel, Lizst and many others), or adapted versions which use octave displacement based on capitalisation or other rules. They can also use a direct ASCII to MIDI conversion as in ACTG (which captures every 128 standard characters) or an original Milt system which matches frequency of a letter in the English language to frequency of a note occurrence in a articular key based on a corpus of tonal music (as used in Doctored Music) Crypto cycles through a string of text from left to right while Crypto Sequencer reads through a 16 character string laid out in a 64 square grid, through which several trajectories may be initiated.

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