Farewell chemo? : Day -5

Today’s blood test:

Platelets 105 (+2) Hgb 7.9(-1.1) Neutrophils 2.2 (+1.7)

Because of the low level of haemoglobin I will be getting 2 units of blood later today. I really think we could cut out the ‘middleman’ with blood donations, and I can just suck blood from the necks of willing volunteers. My crap joke: A beautiful woman comes up to me and says “Please, please suck the blood from my neck” I reply “Sorry, darling, you’re not my type” Hardy-ha-ha.

Just starting my 2-hour Cyclophosphamide, administered by a very kind, very passionate preacher-nurse. (This I am very fine and accepting of, but the literature I’ve now been given is a little worrying)

In the happy eventuality that the BMT is a success, and I have no further leukaemic relapse, this would be me my last major chemo session, ever. I still have 3 days of TBI (Total Body Irradiation) RadioTherapy, 4 low-dose methotrexate injections and a long, long recovery ahead of me. But still, a possible farewell to chemo is an amazing feeling. I realize that a great challenge lies ahead: To assimilate this immense expense and try to rebuild my life with this new sense of meaning.

Follow your bliss, people, live your fullest lives! Milt x

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