Mo’ Chemo Blues: Day -6

One day closer to the biggie, and am taking it all in
my stride. Blood test this morning:

Platelets 103(up) Hgb 9.0 (up) Neutrophils 0.5 (down)

So it looks like, in general, my bloods are finally
playing game. This is all academic now as this particular
blood system is going to the great gig in the sky soon

Had my first chemo today: A 2-hour cyclophosphamide.
One again tomorrow and I will be on a continual mesna
drip till monday, so no ice-skating for me this weekend.

Feeling just fine. Once again I would just like to say
how amazing this whole experience has been. I had no
idea that so many wonderful people would respond with
such love and generosity of spirit. It really is incredible,
much appreciated and has changed my life.

Peace n’ chocolate,

Milt x

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