Microwave Milt : Day -4

Okay, now I know how a microwave meal feels. I experienced my first two TBI (Total Body Irradiation) radiotherapy sessions today. I will attempt to describe it in a single sentence. Being packed in with ice-bags while receiving 15 minutes of enormous X-Ray energy, with a pan-pipe pop soundtrack, leaving one slightly concussed with a massive dose of sun-stroke. Not on my top-ten recommended ways of spending an afternoon. MiltVid to follow when I have the (non-radioactive) energy. Okay only 2 more days like this- I will do this for myself and my loved ones. “I get knocked down…”

Hiccup Havoc

A side-effect of the last two days cyclophosphamide chemotherapy is rather violent hiccuping. Why? I have no idea, but I have a video (to follow) that documents this strange phenomenon. I also discovered today that there is a medical cure for hiccups. I forget the name but an injection of a small amount of this magical mixture, cures hiccups in a couple of minutes. There is a limit to how often it may be taken, so I was stranded like a gulping fish on occasion. Hopefully this will pass soon enough. Okay 2 more days of Radio, a day rest and then it’s “SisTa bLoOd” time! Bring it on.

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