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Bloodlines feature in Times Higher Education

The Times Higher Education have run a well-written feature on the Bloodlines project.

Transplant inspires siblings’ Bloodlines project | News | Times Higher Education.

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A Life Examined

Here’s a short essay about my experiences with leukaemia which won a scholarship from the James Randi Educational Foundation in 2010.



This me

UPDATE: this is no longer accurate, but I’m sure you’re interested.

… I have figured out (with my brain indicated here – and guru Edd Hannay) some semblance of order to my intertubing activities.

My professional (hmm) site is here or cheekily, has been sterilized  after a long period of isolation. Cleaner, faster, fitter.

MiltLatest is here, well here. All RSS-friendly and fed to both of my, rather hungry, sites.

A new lease of life for MiltCentral?  We shall see,

Oh, me? I’m fine, by the way.



Into the Void

Now, I always write these updates utterly convinced that they are lost in the nether regions of interspace, roadkill on the information superhighway if you will. However I still get messages from friends old and new saying “well I saw your update… ” So I feel both flattered and duty-bound to continue. Very soon I will move this blog to a more user friendly communicative one, with comments and rss and so forth, my dilly-dallying is due to technical dilemmas rather than loss of heart. Please bear with me, and offer any ideas you may have.

Health is probably the best it’s been since the whole little leukaemia thing. My hospital visits are down to one EVERY SIX MONTHS and I am off all medication. I do weights every other day and have a textbook diet- just buying myself more time people.

Career is surreal and interesting, judged an air guitar competition for the disney channel, have corporate sponsorship to do a series of concerts across the USA- that seems good, no? Still as grateful as ever to be around and trying to make the most of my little life.

There is so much to tell and share but that will have to wait to the big bloggular migration. Please bear with me and join me in that promised land of communication and joy.

Best to all!! Milton:)

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