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UPDATE: this is no longer accurate, but I’m sure you’re interested.

… I have figured out (with my brain indicated here – and guru Edd Hannay) some semblance of order to my intertubing activities.

My professional (hmm) site is here or cheekily, has been sterilized  after a long period of isolation. Cleaner, faster, fitter.

MiltLatest is here, well here. All RSS-friendly and fed to both of my, rather hungry, sites.

A new lease of life for MiltCentral?  We shall see,

Oh, me? I’m fine, by the way.


Housekeeping Leukaemia

The End and the Beginning

Still in hospital, 7 days of 3 2-hour drips, 5 cannulars and 4 collapsed veins, 21 vials of blood removed, 7 all day breakfasts and 7 roast chicken suppers later and I’m still here. I have discovered that the pain killer Tramadol gives me an overwhelming dizzying sensation whenever I hear a B-flat above concert A. Completely accurate, repeatable and blind testable. This has fascinated my consultant who has been chatting to a neuroscientist about analyzing me for the sake of psychological understanding. It was only a matter of time.

Whispers of leaving tomorrow, we shall see. Feel pretty fatigued, particularly if I have felt well enough to have some visitors but then I sort of collapse. I predict I will be back to my normal level of activity in a couple of weeks or so- but who knows. This time I’m going to take it really easy, doing the sort of pottering work that I enjoy, (writing my new book, getting on with my PhD, writing some music, finishing the hyperbow project and doing some house stuff- but all VERY slowly with no stress or rush) It’s all okay if a bit frustrating, the 6 pack will have to wait a little longer!

Sometimes feel so tired I can hardly go on but(Edit) Oh screw it, I might as well live a bit longer, got nothing better planned.

Much love to all – milt

Health & Training Housekeeping

Future’s so bright…

Wow my updates just come thick and fast don’t they? Just when you’ve got through one of them, in a few short months another one comes flying by. Well hold on to your seats (your own not each others) here’s another one.

Well so much has happened that I am just going to type this in a laisser-faire, train of thought, Coltrane solo of an update. Dig?

Well, firstly I am remarkably healthy (although the rubber plant in this room seems to be really struggling and eyeing me accusingly-I’ll deal with it later) The hospital stay has fallen into the well of foggy memories. In fact, I have attacked (if that’s the right word) my health with a vengeance, eating with exemplary choice and also commiting to regular strength training and cardio-vascular work-out. My goal is to have a six-pack by Christmas (Easy ladies) – it’s not really vanity, I tell myself, it’s because a) I LOVE feeling healthy- having had the experience of feeling really ill. b) My experience has left me likely to experience further cancer risks down the line, and I want to prevent them, or at least be fit enough to fight that tim when/if they do occur c) visceral abdominal fat is a major cause of organ problems in men d) I’m interested to see how healthy I can get after leukaemia/bone marrow transplant- just how quickly can I turn it around? e) It would be rather nice if the newly diagnosed (and their friends and families) could see someone looking relatively well a couple of years later. All fairly good ego-free reasons I guess.

Music-wise, things are going really well- I’ll spare you the details (I’m tired of the CV reciting thing) but lots of diverse, interesting and appreciated projects and I’m earning ok money from writing & playing music now for which I’m very grateful. Since everything is so surreal now, I take it in my stride and don’t feel too over-excited, panicky, anxious or desperate about things. Ironically this seems to mean more exciting stuff comes in- best way to be it seems. Bridge teaches hard, but is also making great strides with her playing- even giving solo classical guitar recitals (after years of abstinence) and in particular with her electric guitar groovy thing. Together with my schedule this generally means that, despite our best efforts and wishes, our house is a tip with a constant pile of unopened letters. The rubber plant is now attempting to crawl to the sink for hydration, and once Monkey had to call for a pizza when we were both away. I vow to sort it out…soon.

I’m also loving reading at the moment and continuing my polymath efforts, my latest memory addition is all the countries and capitals of the world. My favourite is Burkina Faso’s : Ougadougou

…I gotta wear shades.

Okay and really quickly, some other news. I’ve been short sighted since I was eight. Really ahort sighted. Well to cut a long story short, I had my eyes lasered. It involved paying

Housekeeping Leukaemia

It’s a big day today folks…

Today, filming begins at MiltCentral HQ (a.k.a. Milton’s ward) for a TV documentary on Milton and the site! The film will follow Milton through his fight with leukaemia and the ongoing story of the vision that is If all goes well, this could be a truly amazing way for our message to reach many more people – so we’re all really excited. We’ll keep you posted on the developments!

The MiltCentral (alternative) Christmas Single is coming…
…and we hope to break all records by getting it heard all around the world – via the Internet! Make sure you check back on Christmas Day to download this year’s Christmas song with a twist..

New video
Milton clearly enjoys showing us his bottom, because he’s brought it out yet again in his latest heart-warming video – ‘Wish You Were Here’. Personally, I think his first attempt at bum-blotting-out (or whatever that fuzzy effect is called) is, quite frankly, half-arsed…

Site Stats

The traffic here on MiltCentral is continuing to astound us – we’re now way past 7,000 visitors, 40,000 pages viewed, and close on 500 messages. While this is an incredible result for a site that is only 10 days old, it has meant that the server we’re currently on is struggling a bit. Keep hitting refresh if the vids ever get stuck (and if you happen to own a web-hosting company…)

– Matt J

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