Careering, of course…: Day 419

Gig last night in the lovely PictureDrome, Northampton (An old-style cinema converted into a plush music/comedy/film venue. It was just Bridget and I (2 guitars & voice) playing Jazz, Blues ballady stuff. It was a nice venue but people just talked loudly through the whole set, which is slightly depressing. I also got to sit in with the next act, an acoustic guitar duo (Graham Roberts/Geoff Tooley) for some Jazz/Latin instrumentals. Good fun. It always strikes me that careers such as music must have the worst length of study to income return ratio of any undertaking. Lawyers need a degree and a few years before earning loads of money at the bar (and presumably spending it in the bar also). 8 years total? A doctor’s training- 10 years before they can hack at you and not giggle at the word ‘penis’? Now consider that most of my STUDENTS at the Royal Academy and Royal College have been training for a minimum of 10 years- My musical peers have been training for 15 years to 40+ years. And by training I mean BOTH Academic and Practical and usually not confined to term-times- we are talking a DAILY grind here. (Many of my musical friends feel lazy if they don’t practise every day) Are musicians paid proportionately for their work? Er no- I know some tremendously talented and dedicated musicians who in their forties are still struggling to pay rent, let alone own their own houses. Some of the most intelligent, creative, talented and inspirational people I know earn about the same as a Tesco cashier. Last night Bridget & I, drove over 2 hours to be largely ignored for

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