Floydian Trip: Day +330

Had the pleasure of meeting up with Floyd London(aka Matt Julians) & Sophie Denny today. Floyd is a survivor of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (diag. Sept 04) & the erstwhile bassist of the rock group “The Almighty” Sophie is highly knowlegeable and an active campaigner for Leukaemia Research. They recently arranged a mega-concert for charity and Floyd is often in the media spotlight. It was great to meet them again and chat about our experiences, Floyd had some pretty dicey moments along the way but is looking great now. Floyd and Soph were recently married. Aw.

You can see some pics of the day here as well as some pre-leuk pics of Floyd in finest rock form. In the words of the Almighty, a message to cancer:

“Welcome To Defiance”

FYB, Milt:)

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