Readmittance: Day + 263

Got hit with an infection on Christmas eve and an emergency doctor came out Santa-like and prescribed antibiotics. Spent most of Christmas mumbling ‘utter nonsense’ in bed, with a fever. Bridget drove me back on Boxing day, and I have now been readmitted at Hammersmith Hoospital for antibiotic drips, tests etc. All pretty precautionary. Im feeling anywhere between fairly rotten and pretty okay. But to my great annoyance have had to postpone my USA trip AGAIN. I also am rather frustrated, I just want to feel OK and get on with things, but time to be a patient patient again. I will be staying at HH for a few days- I hope I am out for New Year’s Eve. I won’t be able to update often-but wishing you happy in-betweeny-christmas-and-new-year-thing. Bridget has been making the best of it, stocking me up with good food for my stay.

All the best- enjoy the turkey sandwiches… Milton

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