Murky Crimbles: Day + 259

Okay before we are off to Wales for Xmas, I would like to wish you all very, very happy holidays. Try and leave at least a few brain cells intact after the mindless television marathons, spare a thought for the battery poultry that we devour, learn to forgive the brats for their staggering ingratitude and ability to irritate and practise ways to look surprised and delighted at yet another utterly useless present. Try and repress the urge to attack any family members, throw overcooked dinners through the window, vomit at yet another xmas card whose sole purpose is to show off pictures of their children and show how painfully happy they are, and tell that family member, that no, actually a complete analysis of the interior workings of the late 90’s Ford Mondeo is not the most rivetting account imaginable. But do remember to be grateful for what, and who you have in life. On that note I will pass you our christmas cards and wish you a wonderful time with much love.

This card is for people who are offended by the word ‘fuck’

And this one is for people who are not offended by the word ‘fuck’

Merry Xmas!!! milt xxxxxxxxxxxx

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