Poxy Thing: Day + 214

Went to work last Monday, but turned around as soon as I got there as I was feeling quite weak and I had developed a strange rash on my legs- like giant mosquito bites and very itchy.

Went straight to clinic where they took the mandatory blood sample (have I got ANY left??) and waited to see my consultant. I was suspecting that this was my first sign of GVHD and it had finally caught up with me. But I was in for a shock: Bloody Chicken Pox!!! Of all things, but it seemed obvious in retrospect-and nothing really to complain/worry about. I was advised to take a week off work with a load of antibiotics. Oh well, my students will have to fall temporarliy by the wayside of ignorance on the path of wisdom.

I always wished I could relive my life with ‘adult wisdom’ just like any number of 80’s movies. But alongside (very cuttingly and eloquently) telling nasty bullies, teachers, ex-girlfriends etc. where to insert things, chicken pox did not feature. I better look out for measles, mumps and rubella I suppose. In fact, I will be getting my jab in a few months. If I don’t get a lolly, I’m going to make such a fuss…

So Chicken Pox and jabs. What next? Puberty???????

Cheers, milt (now feeling better, less itchy, non-contagious and back to work)

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