McKeedes of the clan McKeedes: Day + 202

Just flew back from Edinburgh, where I was visiting my good friend, the jazz pianist Steve Hamilton and the artist Denitza Petrova, Deny.

It was a last minute trip, and we got pretty lucky with the weather: Visiting a defunct 1683 castle in beautiful Scottish grassland and Edinburgh’s excellent art galleries. I was thrilled to see one of Charles Jencks’ landscaped gardens next to the Dean Gallery- I had no idea it was there and it was the first of his works that I’ve seen ‘in the soil’. I also got to see some Picasso, Mondrian, Braques, Miro, Leger & Max Ernst. I’ve been interested in the history of art, so I really enjoyed it. Each painiting is like a message from the artist’s soul whispered through the ages (bit too profound, milt)

Was surprised to hear that Steve has moved slightly away from music for the time being (despite his well-recognized talent) and is focusing on professional poker. The money is much better apparently! Good luck to him, I hope he makes a million, but I (want him (selfishly) to come back to the music making world as soon as he is ready…

Bridget is performing in a production of ‘Les Miserables’ and is busy learning the guitar parts. She is a very talented musician IMHO. She is also writing a series of articles for ‘Guitar Techniques’ Magazine. If you want to keep up to date with her, check out her new site. Now that I am more on my feet, I will also be continuing with my (music-focused/non-cancer) site- which will be more music-nerdy.

Pictures are updated so please check them out if you are interested Okay GP appointment tomorrow and then maybe visiting a lovely couple (one awaiting BMT) at Hammersmith Hospital. Leukaemia doesn’t define me, but it will certainly be part of me from here on- and so will MiltCentral. Love, milt x

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