Flood : Day + 156

Hello all. Back to work tomorrow…unbelievable. My fatigue is a little worse this days, it seems to fluctuate. But am still feeling well enough to be up and about and start working part-time again. Visited the academy for a meeting on Friday and was overwhelmed by a warm welcome. A surreal experience to be back…the same world through different eyes. Came home to find the flat flooded and Bridget desperately using every towel in the house to prevent damage. Nothing too bad: Am sitting here with two industrial humidifiers whirring away and half the carpet removed. Insurance is a GOOD thing. Latest results show a 96% graft/host ratio in my bone marrow which is “as good as can be hoped for”. So far so good. Still no GVHD, let’s see how it all progresses. In the meantime, follow your bliss- and do one thing that scares you today (nothing dangerous) adios, miltonus

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