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Just returned from an extended stay in Greece. It was great to get away and look at the blue sky, swin in the sea and gaze at shooting stars. My latest results show that my bone marrow is 94% new. That is very good apparently. I am very grateful.

I am very sorry to here terrible news about 2 fellow cancer friends of mine. Julie-Anne Congdon passed away on August 21st 2005 following GVHD problems during her BMT. She was a very inspiring woman and I send my condolences and very best wishes to her family. Eric Roche passed away on September 6th 2005. Eric was an extraordinary musician and spirit and will be sorely missed by so many others. My thoughts go out to his family.

I go back to work on Monday, I can’t believe it but it’s here, another life. I wonder what it will bring this time?


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