GTFOOH* DAY: Day +27

*a true milthead knows what this means

People I am gone, solid gone. 5/5/5 has neatly heralded my discharge from le hospital mes amis. Today’s counts (with yesterday’s in parentheses) read:

WBC: 2.6 (2.1) Neuts: 1.1! (0.8) Platelets 272!(similiar) Hgb 9.7 (9.7)

Although my immunity is compromised, these are reasonably safe levels with which to go home and they are ON THE RISE. Why? Because Alex’s, well, my, bone marrow is working. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Of course I am still under treatment for leukaemia, have major potential dangers ahead, am yet to receive an ‘all-clear’ biopsy, have a 2-week supply of drugs that would make Hunter S. Thompson blush and have still got a lot of recovering to do BUT this marks something extremely significant for me. (By the way, feel free to break up any of my sentences into GCSE bite-size nuggets.)

Took me, well my mum, all morning to unpack the hospital room. I did leave one thing though and it’s written in big blue letters…hehe.

I’m home, it feels good. The updates will not stop. Back in Monday for blood tests and now that mountain of letters…


Milt x

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