Crash Course: Day +34

Okay, I would have updated sooner, but it can mainly be summarized with one repeated letter:


Any day of modest activity (Hour-long walk, sorting that mountain of letters etc) is followed by a day with 20 hours of sleep (no exagerration) I guess I have been knocked to the ground and this is where I start (FAME!) paying…

Went to Hammersmith Hospital on Monday for a routine blood test and got some pretty encouraging results:

Hgb: 10.6 Platelets: 308 WBC: 5.6 Neuts: 3.8

Which apart from being slightly anaemic, are NORMAL results ie. what YOU might have(unless you happen to be a neutropenic reader) Crazy, huh? Have been imagining a Mid-September return to work. That gives me 4-months clear. So better get back to it:



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