A Turn Up For the Books : Day + 18

OK, no over-reacting please: It looks like my counts have been rising for the past couple of days. This may well be due to Alex’s cells having engrafted and doing their thing. So we will be tracking that progress and any signs of GVHD closely from now on.

So how do I feel? Answer: Utterly, utterly exhausted – Sick & tired of being sick & tired and in need of a REAL holiday- one that doesn’t involve being poisoned,being unable to move without trundling around a huge beeping monster, relying on other peoples’ generosity for my blood, being isolated in a small room for weeks on end and all with a sustained background of general nausea and discomfort. No, I didn’t see that one on the Holiday programme.

So Milt’s ideal holiday right now? Fairly predictable. Somewhere caribbean: Blue skies, fine sand, clear waters, fresh air, learning how to surf with dolphins offering congratulations and guidance, playing guitar with a great band for appreciative people under inconceivably star-speckled night skies, lucid dreaming in a luxurious beach cabin, freshly-squeezed superjuices, delicious, satisfying healthy food, growing stronger and healhier every day, no time, no pressure, just a sense of healthy, calm relaxation in an egoless, undemanding, uncompetitive, timeless summer of pure peace.

Okay back to my build-up instant soup, anti-sickness drugs and (reduced) morphine infusion. Sweet dreams, milton.

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