Tube Strike : Day + 17

Yo! (And there ends my bid for the ‘yoof’ market) Today, my nose-tube malfunctioned again. But this time no amount of manipulation, coaxing, pressure from a syringe or last-resort-Coca-Cola-flushing managed to shift the blockage. So I pulled the tube out – far easier than insertion I can tell you. So in order to avoid the ‘nasal-grastic tube insertion blues’, I decided to switch from cyborg to human eating. My swallowing is a lot less painful so this is now an option.

I’ve been so thrown around by chemicals that I have very little appetite. Those of you who have been through cancer treatment may relate to me here: I can be put off food very easily (the odd texture, a chemo flashback and worst of all, the dreaded hospital kitchen smell) So to have had some relief from forcing myself to eat, thinking about food and having to balance nausea and hunger, was very welcome indeed.

The sooner I move to a fully automated human being with all natural functions taken care of the better. Then I could spend my time doing the things that make a real difference to me. Like sleeping all day.

Good night! Milt

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