Homeopathic Anxiety

Today’s activities by the 10:23 campaign seems to be worrying some homeopaths (see below), I don’t know anything about the bad rating of their site – but even a quick look reveals the usual swathes of misinformation and bad science, so perhaps the poor rating is deserved. There is also a very confused tone to their comment on 10:23 being both worried and unworried – an unsurprising trait considering the logical inconsistency of their cherished beliefs.
I like the statements that the press are interested ‘despite the fact that only 300 people are expected to turn up’ – ‘we hope it is short-lived and not many would turn up’ – so the more people who demonstrate the inefficacy of homeopathy (albeit in a stunt rather than experiment) the more they are concerned? Does the larger sample size scare them?
Re: the press: Why wouldn’t it be interesting for people to know that there is nothing in homeopathy, and 300 people are happily to demonstrate that they value evidence and critical thinking over medical myth? Perfectly news-worthy. How many people would the homeopaths think would constitute a viable story 3,000? 30,000? Homeopathy relies primarily on a lack of public understanding – or interest – in the claimed mechanics of homeopathy, in my own experience I’ve found that when someone releases the common – but false – equation of homeopathy with ‘herbal and ‘natural’ and takes the time to investigate homeopathy’s claims, no further persuasion is needed. Perhaps at some level they realise that they need to rely on the public’s ignorance for the success of homeopathy.
Any homeopaths willing to comment on any of this are most welcome!
And to all those only hundreds of people around the world who downed an entire bottle of homeopathy demonstrating its inefficacy, you have very much been noticed, and appreciated.
From Homeopath Heals 6.2.11
Dear Homeopathy Heals Supporters,
It has been brought to our attention that 35 skeptics have been badly rating the Homeopathy Heals website, causing some people to see a warning when they try to access it!  We are sure this is the work of the skeptics, as apparently they have been doing this to homeopathy websites for at least a year.
We would be grateful if you could counter this by Registering with WOT (Web of Trust) and then leaving a positive comment on the link below which relates to the Homeopathy Heals site.  OR you can also click the positive comments at the bottom of the page left by myself and Debby Bruck of Homeopathy World Community to rate the comments higher by clicking the TICK beside them.
WOT rating for
Warning! This site has a poor reputation.
The 1023 Campaign are demonstrating this weekend saying ‘Homeopathy. There is nothing in it’.  We think the press will pick up the story tomorrow, despite the fact that only 300 people are expected to turn up at the Manchester demo.  The demonstrations are taking place around the world and you can see more by typing:  ‘1023 Challenge’ into a search.  Unfortunately this means more bad publicity but we hope it is short lived and that not many will turn up.
Do please check out the Homeopathy Heals website as it is at the top of page 5 of Google right now. Obviously with this latest bad publicity, there will be a great number of the public who will want to read about homeopathy, so it is so important they get the right information. The more people who click on it, the higher it will go and by doing this you will lift your own website up the search engines if it is linked. (Please note that the WOT rating will in no way affect your website!)
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