Milton’s Killjoy Cluedo Sheet – Beat & enrage your family & friends through logical deduction & unashamed nerdiness

Instructions For Use

1. Print out the note-sheet below. Make note of how many cards each individual is dealt in the lowest row. When each of these is shown to you. or deduced, write them next to each number. Much can be deduced from what items each player hunches throughout the game so keep this section updated.

2. Down the left hand-edge of the ‘Me’ column tick off the cards you hold to eliminate them from your search.

3. When you are shown a card, tick it off in the left hand column of that player and add it it to the lowest row.

4. When you show someone a card make a note in the right hand side of that player’s column in the relevant item row. Don’t show any more cards than you need to to each player, keep the punters guessing.

5. Occasionally you can deduce what cards other players hold – by when they are forced to show a card to a hunch – mark these in the appropriate cell of the table & lowest row. In which case..

6. …you can deduce what other players have *seen from other people’s hands*. Mark these as appropriate.

7. You may want to mark which cards other players DO NOT have (with a ‘o’) when a hunch sweeps through them. This will help fine-tune your hunches.

Advanced/Extra-nerdy tips (extra A4 required)

1. Make a note of every group of items that each player hunches. If you know the player holds 2 of the 3 items, you can assume that they don’t hold the third. Mark with a o? in the appropriate cell.

2. For each hunch called, quickly check against that same players precious hunches & current deduced hand. It may be possible to deduce what card they are hunting, and therefore don’t possess. If another player shows them a card, you know what the card is & who has it. If no-one shows them a card you know it is among the guilty.

3. Some of the above tips are definite, hardline logic. Others make some presumptions about others’ behaviour. Ineptitude, drunkenness & canny deception will add error bars to your sleuthing. Be aware of what you know – & what you are presuming. Your final accusation will have to balance these two based on your rivals’ progress.

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Oh this is how you normal play? I do apologise. I’m working on a robotic mosquitoe that will look at your players cards and then fly into the little black envelope to send you the answers via bluetooth. Then, my friend, you can special play.

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