Shingles and Bumps

Well, I have been busy with all sorts of welcome stuff (finishing off my PhD, producing CDs, composing, playing concerts and so on) and perhaps most enjoyably, completing long-overdue home improvement projects. The garden is approaching haven status and we are enjoying a little more space (for London, space and light are highly sought mythical artefacts) A fair bit of wedge has been consumed so am looking to get busier when September hits. This new focus on home improvement has led to clear forms of middle age behaviour including proudly reciting the latin names for plants, covetously browsing bathroom furniture catalogues and saying “ooh.. Now that’s nice”. Recently I looked down and noticed I was wearing sandals ANDS socks. It’s all over.

Health-wise it’s been a bag of mixed nuts, in general I feel better than ever, I have been eating really well, doing weights and getting stronger all the time. However I still get tired, and when I experience a certain amount of activity and stress (i.e. normal life) I am prone to a plague of shingles. (Actually their identity is not yet confirmed, see below) This is understandably a hard concept for my colleagues and friends to grasp, one moment I look perfectly healthy the next I am confined to an isolated hospital ward on a drip. I think I have had 3-4 extended stays at hospital this past 12 months, hopefully next year will be better.

So after an active weekend (Lovely composer course & concert) I found the usual lesions- one with a particularly juicy sample of fluid (Stop eating now) The docs are very keen to identify my infection and have instructed me to rush over with any potential evidence for analysis. So I spent the day being blood tested and having my foot gouged in a skin biopsy. Those who have finished breakfast and are not at all squeamish, click here: Extreme Footsie Otherwise avoid.Hopefully we will learn more and avoid subsequent hospitalizations which would be nice.

On the way to the clinic today, we were rear-ended by a green van (His fault entirely) Scratched up the car a bit (the van was far worse), we were shaken but unscathed. You can be driving along minding your own business, and through no fault of your own something hits you hard-just like leukeamia. However you can’t spend all your life peering into the rear-view mirror in fear of things beyond your control, there are far finer views to be enjoyed.

Hobbling off,


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