Spilling the Beans

My name is Milton and I’m a Coffee-holic. A big one. There I said it. I love the warm rush that calms yet inspires, I love anything from a black Americano to a Grande Semi-Wet Extra-Hot Semi-skimmed Cappucino. I love dreamily people-watching, and then excitedly making fix-my-life-to-do-lists in the after-glow of a perfect Latte. My latest blood test came out as a blend of O-negative, Robusta and Arabica.But it gets worse. Where do I go for my fix- almost daily?…Starbucks (shudder) There is a political reason I shouldn’t buy coffee there although those nice people at ‘Bucks have leaflets showing lots of happy people making my coffee in South America- so I don’t know who to believe. Anyway casting that hot potato aside, my biggest concern is the COST. Hey, I can afford it, I am a Jazz musician after all. But the huge mark-up just makes my principles quiver (not a pretty site) I calculated that the biggest mark up is in the ordering of a venti herbal tea- basically the loan of a mug (if you are lucky enough to be in when there are any ready) one teabag, no milk and some lukewarm water. It costs

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