I had my first solo baby-sitting experience the other day. Max was absolutely charming and hospitable when my sister was explaining the operational procedures. But AS SOON, as she stepped out of the door, Max treated me to a repeat of his lunch and recoloured my black T-shirt. (I’m also pretty sure his head made one full rotation before the vomiting) He spent the rest of the 3 hours making me panic about keeping him safe and happy- I had strange hunches that he was choking on some strange object, and kept checking his mouth at regular intervals. He seemed really upset about something but I just couldn’t discover the source of his sorrow. I did use up my entire repertoire of lullabies and even resorted to reworking the lyrics of some blondie classics. As soon as my sis got home, Max winked at me and then fell into a happy and peaceful sleep. Nice. As I was leaving he did give me a winning smile. So we’re cool.

Okay time to water the rubber plant, take care and look out for the next update…any second now…… milt 🙂

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