Climbing Mount Improbable

My 2 year Bone Marrow Transplant happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year- so I decided to mark this by hiking up England’s highest point, Scafell Pike. It was a 6-hour trek in generously mild conditions, although the peak was icy cold with terrible visibility. Check out the video if you like. During the hike, I reflected on my experience- and I still can’t fully absorb the enormity of it all. I can accept the diagnosis, but the fact that I am still around, relatively unscathed, feeling healthy & medication-free is absolutely surreal. I am on bonus time, a ghost, fully aware of the astounding miracle of my own existence, isolated from most people in some ways but deeply connected in others. I have no choice now but to live my life fully awake, grateful, astounded, challenged, curious & full of love. (Although I may take a break to watch some crap telly from time to time.)

We are all on borrowed time, and it is only an effort of delusion that stops us from feeling this- If you could truly feel that you only had a finite time on this planet, what would YOU do?

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