Deeply Floored: Day +283

Hello all. Today, I sent a fax to the great guitarist (not the composer) John Williams. Those of you who don’t know him, believe me when I say that he is THE most famous (…accomplished, important and most probably talented) Classical guitarist in the world today. Bar none. I sent him a simple but heartfelt letter about my concert ,why I was doing it, my experiences with cancer and the importance of music in my healing. I was hoping for some nice words from him to announce at the concert. Anyway he calls me within an hour, and says he would be delighted to play in the concert.
So he is playing some solos and a piece or two with my guitar orchestra. It is hard to express what an honour it is for us all. I just want to thank him for his generosity in providing his phenomenal musical services-and making the event even more special for me. Read about him here

What a year. I look at the pictures from a few months ago when I was on deaths door and too weak to move and now I am playing with my own orchestra of great musicians and friends…with John Williams

Tickets are going super-fast so I may have to increase the suggested donation level. Get in there quick if you are on the fence, you don’t want to miss this.

What a year, what a life. Excuse me, I will now go and jump up and down for a bit. Then cry. Then jump up and down again.

Live your best lives people, look forward to meeting some of you on the 28th! Follow your bliss, Milton

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