Life Cycle : Day + 192

11.30pm Salutations and best wishes to all. What’s going on? Well I have been a) working at the academy b) riding my bike everywhere c) practising & recording musical ventures d) Reading about History of Art etc.

It’s still not a year from diagnosis- unbelievable. My life is irrevocably changed by this experience. I take seriously now my TRUE experience of life and put the highest stock in it- if this is at the cost of some earnings or CV power then so be it. I have nothing left to fear which is very liberating. My new boundaries that have been forced upon me at work are also a blessing. What is frustrating is that the creative fire inside me is limited by a) time b) energy – but my commitment to them is immovable and I am excited about the future. It is still hard work and there are often mornings when I have to remind myself , yet again, that it is a miracle that I am here at all. Bridge and I are still shaken by the events but we are doing pretty well considering. I include for your listening pleasure, a track we recorded at home last week (In the ‘Music’ Section) which features Bridge singing beautifully.

Enjoy your days, speak soon: Milt.

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