Coughin’ (but don’t need a Coffin) : Day + 40

Yo wHat’s uP, CaNcEr PosSe? Word uP with all the ilLin’ NEuTz, cHiX & dUdEz!? ( is now brought to you by MTV-Surfer division)

I’m doing fine apart from a persistent, pesky, IRRITATING cough. Hence this is being written at 2:18am – there are times when it just won’t let me sleep. I shall be in hospital in a few hours for a blood test, so I’ll see what they can do for my cough. I’m not too worried about it as I am generally in a good way. A typical day now involves: 3 hours decent guitar practice, a good hour walk, 2 hours housework (yes, people I’m that kind of guy! NO, not THAT kind of guy!) some admin, some project marking for work, some clothes hunting (what happened to all the decent jeans? Did they get up and walk away when I was in hospital?) some cookin’, playing guitar duets with Bridge (Bach and Jazz stuff), some refreshment in a local teashop, a little reading and some loitering in bookshops. All good life things that living people do. However this is the 3rd night in a row without a good sleep, so am getting a little weary.

But hear me now: I have decided that i am over this cancer crap. (It’s just SO 2004, darling) I’m not scared of it, I feel that I’ve beaten it and I’ve learned all I’ve needed to from it. Frankly, I am bored of it and bored of being a ‘cancer patient’ – and I am indignant about giving it any more of my time. But I am very much still ‘in treatment’ and ‘in danger’ – it’s just I feel like I can take it from here. But this cough is a pain, I’ll be thrilled if I can beat it naturally.

Blood results tomorrow (will I need a transfusion on Friday? Find out here!)

No one messes with me!

Milton AKA Rebel Without Applause

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