A Dull Boy? : Day + 15

A Happy Weekend to all! I always regret not being at the committee meeting when it was decided that we work for 5 days and only rest for 2. I mean what group of people sit around a table and come up with that sort of work/rest ratio? Did they just hate themselves? I would have brought to the table a more feline work 2 rest 5 scenario – and probably settled with a 3/4. Yes, I know it has something to do with the creation of the universe but you would think that workers’ rights would have moved on a bit since the dawn of history. Its one of those tacet consensus things – if the whole world point blank refused to work more than 3 days a week and spent the extra time meditating, in the garden, hill-walking, doing yoga, making music, cooking, playing with the cat and/or staring at the sea – then the world would be better. But oh no, someone would be bound to get ahead and start abusing the system for financial gain and we’d be back to stressful-square-one again. I wish I was a cat.

I am feeling pretty slow today. I have cut my morphine dosage by 20%, as my pains are improving somewhat, and I would like to soften the transition back to a drug-free existence. So in general, I am sleepy, groggy, headachy and probably not much fun to be with. My concentration and memory are fairly disabled- so I have lost the energy for any involved reading and even movies are too drawn out (“Who’s that guy again?” – “I thought she was dead!” – “This car chase has been going on for ages” are typical comments) So this is probably why I have gravitated towards logic puzzles- which only require momentary bursts of deductive power and no medium or long-term memory. It also means that you can pass out in the middle of them and upon revival, continue as if nothing has happened. A movie cannot usually support any losses in consciousness as it leads to such startling plot rewrites as to warrant complete bafflement.

So happy to just tick off the days now, happy to be quiet, happy to be a little dull and happy to be alive. Milt

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