Many Hippies Return : Day + 13

Good morning people of the world! I trust you all slept well (Not together, of course) Let me start by wishing Bridget a very happy birthday. Unfortunately, she is working in Oxford (Radley College) so I am unable to lavish her with gifts and attention today – that will have to wait until I am feeling stronger.

I am feeling UTTERLY exhausted today, probably caused by a combination of yesterday’s methotrexate, morphine, lack of sleep and months of physical abuse. I also have a bit of a temperature today. I feel like I’m floating in a mercury-and-treakle world in very slow-motion. My mouth is a shredded today, but the morphine is masking most of the pain. I can’t imagine getting through this without morphine and I am NOT looking forward to its withdrawal. Thus:

You are my morphine, my only morphine.

You make me happy, when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear,

How much I’ll miss you,

Please don’t take my morphine away.

I’m gonna just keep on keeping on and do my best to avoid the major pifalls at this stage- in the meantime, people, make the most of your good health and take just a moment to really appreciate your lives today. I will bid you a farewell before I pass out!

love, milton

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