The Ultimate Consumer : Day + 6

I am extremely well-connected these days; meaning that all my artificial inlets and outlets are seeing some use. Here’s a list of the day’s comings and goings.

Out: 3 vials of blood for testing.

In: antibiotics, antifungal and paracetomal tablets.

50mg syringe of the immuno-suppresant Cyclosporin. (3hrs)

Pre-platelet dose of Piriton to prevent allergic reastion. (1 min)

One unit of platelets. Thanks stranger! (<1hr)

One dose of Buscopaine for stomach cramps (1min)

500ml (=500 calories) of feed through my nose (10 hrs)

50mg syringe of Cyclizine (anti-sickness) (12hrs) and…

50mg syringe of Morphine (22hrs) which brings us to…

The God of Dreams

Morpheus is the ancient greek god of dreams (Kids, this was some time before the Matrix) I am now embraced in is loving arms – albeit a very slow dose. The effects are subtle but noticable. I have a general feeling of well-being and am feeling far more comfortable (less headaches, cramps and general discomfort.) It is, however, not a strong enough dose to relieve my swallowing pain- I am using anaesthetic mouthwashes for that and it helps a little. Since November, I have grown accustomed to a general crappy state; it is therefore a wonderful respite and makes me feel excited about feeling good (naturally) in the future. In the meantime, if you need to reach me, I will be floating in a viscous time-distorted nexus of multi-dimensional (sur)reality…

Cheerio, milt

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