Time keeps on slippin’ : Day + 4

Please check out the pictures page! An inspired design by the excellent Ken Clark.

Today’s happenings:

  • Bridget is having a well-deserved break in the Lake District with her dad.
  • ‘SuperTrace’ of Houston, Texas is having a double masechtomy today. We wish her a safe op and speedy recovery.
  • Bridget’s brother Chris Upson is now in Nepal acclimatizing and readying for his extraordinary challenge.
  • Kathy Adamson a colleague at RAM is running the London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Research. Please support her!

My mouth is continuing its impressive deterioration and I have started to be offered painkillers, which I may well accept soon. Today I will start on the huge task of catching up with messages. That will keep me busy, and prevent me from my favourite pastime: Pulling the emergency cord and lying on the floor frothing toothpaste out of my mouth.

Later! Milton

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