Movin’ On Up: Day + 1

People, your messages are amazing! Again, thank you so much.

Felt pretty good today, I guess the Radiotherapy is still to fully kick in. However I am neutropenic (0.5 neutrophil level) and so my room has the charming ISOLATION sign outside. They might as well mark it with a red cross and be done with it!

Spent most of the day with Bridget who skillfully edited FOUR new videos for the site, including the BMT itself. We felt that these just couldn’t wait. Why not check them out after reading this?

Alex left the hospital today with some iron tablets and a sore arse. Remember people from ‘The Odds’ video that we had just a 25% chance that we matched? I will never forget to be grateful for that.

I wish you all the best, people. Have yourselves a wonderful weekend. Now, here is my sister’s account of yesterday’s events. Tally-ho from me. Milt xxx

I’m back home from hospital and wanted to say a few words about the experience of donating bone marrow to Milton.

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