It’s the Final Countdown!: Day -1

I must commence today’s missive with an enormous & incredulous THANK YOU for the amazing number of guestbook messages of late. I am so touched. They are a great source of support, warmth, love and encouragement. Bridget, Alex, Olga(my mum) and I would like to thank you all. I will start the challenge of responding to them all, as soon as I can. This has been an amazing personal journey and it is just phenomenal that so many people from around the world are right here beside me- it has a created a complete reassessment on my view of humanity.

The Last Supper: Day -1

Oh, bliss. My transplant coordinator tells me that I am the best-condition Day -1 patient she has seen, and that I can spend until tomorrow 8am, AT HOME. When I came in, I collapsed on the sofa. Bridget, covered me with a duvet and put “our” beautiful siamese cat on top of me. ‘Monkey’ is an amazingly intuitive and healing cat and just sort of hugged me, purring continously until I fell into a comforting 2-hour sleep. Hurrah for cats!

Had a last family meal and non-alcohollically toasted a ‘Bon Voyage’ to my sister’s marrow: May I accept it as my own. Alex is going in tonight and will have the procedure, of removing 1litre of bone marrow, tomorrow morning.

This just in! It so happens that Bridget will be having PMT when I am having my BMT. She will hopefully find some TLC in the form of a BLT.

Will spend the rest of the day shaking this dizzy feeling, ptuting up a vid and some pics and enjoying what will surely be my last moments at home for some time. Y’all have a great day, ya hear?

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