MiltCentral Christmas Single Video

The incredible music video for “That’s Christmas” – the MiltCentral (alternative) Christmas Single – is here at last!! Check it out on the music page now! Many thanks to Ken Clark for his amazing work.

Calling all animators/java & flash programmers/clever people…

…We need you to help us create MiltToons and MiltGames – please get in touch!

Milton’s Latest Crazy Notion – the Map Of Love World Tour
Milton woke up today saying “Wouldn’t it be novel to visit every red dot on the map of love someday?” Well, Milton’s notions have had a habit of turning into reality lately, so a Milton world tour may well be on the cards. And he means every spot – Limerick, Ruma, Illinois, Inca Trail, Cape Town, and Hawaii…

Keep Milton busy – let’s get those spots everywhere!

Doctors declare first case of mysterious new disease.
Do you have a cold sweat away from your computer? Do you find yourself browsing the guestbook into the wee small hours? Does your heart jump when you seen a new vid up? Did you cry when you saw “The Odds”?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may well be a MiltHead! MiltHeadonism is a highly contagious yet apparently harmless condition. Find out how badly you are afflicted in the challenging competition quiz! The most MiltHeadonistic entrant will be treated immediately with exclusive & fabulous MiltCentral gifts…

(HEALTH WARNING: Doctors have suggested that MiltHeadonism may lead to increased heart size, lower stress levels and increased attractiveness.)

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