Martino Unstrung

Sixteen Films 2008, Dir. Ian Knox

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Legendary jazz guitar virtuoso Pat Martino underwent life saving brain surgery that erased his memory and musically silenced him. There he should have remained but after years in the wilderness he made a seemingly miraculous comeback of astonishing power and mastery. Martino takes neuropsychologist Paul Broks on a journey that explores the mysteries of the brain, memory, creativity and the self, to reconsider who we really are. Martino provides the sublime sound track.

Featuring: Les Paul, Joe Pesci, Red Holloway, Delmar Brown, Eric Alexander, John Patitucci, Carlos Santana and Pete Townshend.

“Perhaps the best documentary about a jazz musician ever made” 

Victor L. Schermer All About Jazz (2008)
DVD, 82mins

DVD (82mins +75mins extras) for enquiries and orders contact

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