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Learning & Teaching Music Theory

40 Elements of Popular Music Harmony

Not a comprehensive list, but understanding these elements (many covered in the Popular Music Harmony documents already posted) can really help understand the use of harmony is wide range of pieces in the jazz, rock, funk, blues, metal and pop idioms. In the future I’ll post some analyses of a range of tunes and show how this wide knowledge is needed to really understand what’s going on in contemporary popular music.
Simple? No. Don’t confuse accessible with simple. To really appreciate the harmony of the Beatles, Beck, Hancock, Gershwin and Stevie Wonder one needs as much understanding as that of ‘classical’ music harmony.



Well it is done. Submitted with minuscule (and astutely perceived) corrections. I started this beast not long before leukaemia diagnosis in 2004. So give that and the part-time nature, 2010 isn’t that bad, but I could have done better.

If you’d like to read it – you are most welcome – all feedback welcome. There are some parts I am quite proud of, and others that were useful learning experiences. Now it’s done, I feel I can start again – white belt.

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Humour Writing

You’re there. A friendly guide.

there theyre its just your shit updated

Leukaemia Skepticism Writing


The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) – perhaps the greatest skeptical organization in the world, hold a kinda-annual conference called TAM – The Amaz!ng Metting. Past speakers have included Richard Dawkins, Penn & Teller, James Randi etc. Not big names to all, but big deal to me.

They are holding their first non-US meeting on October 3-4 2009 in…London.

Of course I rushed to buy tickets just 2 hours after the lines opened. But that was too late. Sold out.

So after a TAMtrum, I explored other avenues (begging, hassling, extortion – normal stuff) but to no avail.

However, I came across a scholarship competition, asking for essays (1,500 words max) from students (Check! Thanks to my laziness with PhD) 16 yr and older (Check!! By some margin) and on anything related to skeptical inquiry (CHECK!!!)

Me being me, I started the essay on the day of the deadline. I started at 10am, and had to leave for a friend’s wedding at noon, then straight on to another wedding gig 250 miles away. This was my only chance, and I hadn’t had my eggs or coffee. But I whipped something up and sent it to some dear people for proofreading while I set about my day. The excellent John Gregson took instructions while I drove up to my distant gig, eventually forwarding a pdf to me, which I relayed on to JREF with the last drops of my iPhone battery, and 12 minutes to spare.

Long story short.

I won.

So Bridge & I will be attending, the essay ‘A Life Examined’ will be published at TAM and online, and I will meet some wonderful people as a consequence.

Honoured & thrilled. and also for one grateful for my sloppiness: If I was more organized, I would have bought tickets sooner, If I was more dedicated I would no longer be a student (& ineligible) and if I had the luxury of time to write the essay, my self-doubt would have prevented me from finishing it. Yay for my imperfection.

I will of course tweet (@miltonline) & report back.



Spilling the Beans

My name is Milton and I’m a Coffee-holic. A big one. There I said it. I love the warm rush that calms yet inspires, I love anything from a black Americano to a Grande Semi-Wet Extra-Hot Semi-skimmed Cappucino. I love dreamily people-watching, and then excitedly making fix-my-life-to-do-lists in the after-glow of a perfect Latte. My latest blood test came out as a blend of O-negative, Robusta and Arabica.But it gets worse. Where do I go for my fix- almost daily?…Starbucks (shudder) There is a political reason I shouldn’t buy coffee there although those nice people at ‘Bucks have leaflets showing lots of happy people making my coffee in South America- so I don’t know who to believe. Anyway casting that hot potato aside, my biggest concern is the COST. Hey, I can afford it, I am a Jazz musician after all. But the huge mark-up just makes my principles quiver (not a pretty site) I calculated that the biggest mark up is in the ordering of a venti herbal tea- basically the loan of a mug (if you are lucky enough to be in when there are any ready) one teabag, no milk and some lukewarm water. It costs

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